Spectra r3000 / p600 DTG Printer – User Reviews

Spectra r3000 / p600 DTG Printer


Print Quality


Production Speed


Build Quality




Tech Support



  • Modular design
  • Fast A3 print engine
  • Inexpensive purchase price
  • Flexible RIP options


  • Less industrial build quality
  • No automatic Z-axis control
  • Limited loading space for larger garments

One of the first serious competitors in sub-$10k DTG printer market, Spectra has justified the market and made it far more viable.  The flagship product for Spectra DTG is the r3000 and p600 versions of their A3 DTG printer.

Spectra espouses an affordable, minimalist approach to DTG, foregoing many of the traditional “bells & whistles” of other printer in exchange for an incredible affordable cost.  A modular build allows for easy swaps and upgrades, so it is easy to experiment with additional configurations (white + CMYK, dual-CMYK, etc).

2 thoughts on “Spectra r3000 / p600 DTG Printer – User Reviews

  1. Print Quality


    Production Speed


    Build Quality




    Tech Support


    When Billy Lazo was with Spectra, he was tech savy however handling tech support through emails was rather trying and frustrating.. When I had issues with my last Spectra which never saw white inks at all being that what was I was told was all the previous issues.. I was told to change the dampers, I did.. then change the pump and cap, I did, then replace the head, I did, then replace all the carts and lines, I did… then flushed out entire system and still couldnt get magenta and cyan channels to print.. the answer I got from Spectra was to BUY another unit from them.. obviously the problem was electronic and not ink related yet I should have to buy another unit just 4 months after receiving the last printer… the printer still does not work to this day!!!

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