T-Shirt Forums 2011 DTG Battle Royale Champions Announced!

The T-Shirt Forums are a popular social spot for many industry insiders, as well as for newbies who are struggling to learn about the business.  This year marked the first annual “DTG Battle Royale” print competition, where DTG printers from all over the world were invited to test their printing skills against each other in a controlled test to determine who could produce the highest quality DTG print in the industry.  To level the playing field, every person was directed to print the exact same artwork file, which was provided by Rodney at the T-Shirt Forums website – all images were printed on the front and back of a black shirt, and sent in for judging.  Each participant could print the design with whatever print settings they chose, and print time was not a factor in this competition.


Entries were received from a well-represented range of DTG printing machines, and the results certainly varied.  Each entry was judged based on a number of criteria:

— First Impressions
— Sharpness of Detail
— Softness of Hand
— Print Accuracy
— Washability

After the first round of evaluations, the submitted entries were then put through a carefully controlled series of wash tests, which were followed by a final round of evaluations based on the same criteria listed above.  The winner (by a margin of several points) was Fusion Logistics Group of Rancho Cucamonga, CA (www.fusionlogisticsgroup.com)!
Below you will find some images of the actual printed shirt that took first place in the competition:
You can find out more about the T-Shirt Forums DTG Battle Royale print competition by visiting the following link: Battle Royale Print Off!
See the winning announcement for the 2011 contest, here.

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