The following product reviews are a real-time culmination of a number of actual end-user reviews, directly from the field!  Feel free to add your own review to any product you have personal experience with, as each individual rating will affect the overall score for each product.  This DTG Consumer Reports listing is meant to provide the most honest and comprehensive feedback across a broad range of products, from people just like you who have actually used the products as part of your overall business venture.

If you don’t see a product listed but you want to review it, please leave us a comment below! We will add any and all new DTG related products and equipment, as we find end users in the field willing to offer a review! Keep in mind, anyone can log in and add a review to any product that has already been created.

Don’t rely on sales rhetoric or gimmicks when making such a fundamental decision for your business – rely on the feedback from real end users, who use these products each and every day to carve out their own living.  Combine this information with thorough research, real-world print tests and live demos, and you will greatly improve your overall chances of success in the field of Direct to Garment printing.

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